Pyramid Tea Bags - Cream of Earl Grey Black Tea

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  • Region: Dimbula, Sri Lanka
  • Tasting Notes: Malt, Cornflower, Bergamot


Cream of Earl Grey Tea now available in both convenient Tea Bags and premium Cream of Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea sourced directly from Dimbula. Dimbula is a high elevation region in Sri Lanka known for its picturesque tea fields and smooth tasting teas. Cream of Earl Grey is an Orange Pekoe tea blended with bergamot and vanilla that provides a refreshing citrus aroma and smooth creamy finish. Delicious on its own, with a dash of milk or even as a London Fog with a teaspoon of real Canadian Maple Syrup.

Serving: 1 bag / 8 fl oz.

Temperature: 95°C

Time: 3 min