Who We Are

We are environmentalists and coffee lovers based in Oshawa, Ontario. We are always looking for ways to help protect the environment and make our community a great place to live. Aves Coffee Co. was founded with three goals in mind:
  • Provide amazing coffee that is sourced using the most ethical and environmentally sustainable practices possible 
  • Create good jobs and opportunities for people in Oshawa, Ontario
  • Support local organisations that are working to protect the environment.
Welcome to Aves Coffee Co., the web home of the couple Raghav Soni and Isha.

Soni and Isha, are passionate about coffee, birds, and environmental sustainability.

Soni is an environmental scientist who is committed to a sustainability-driven coffee future. Born in Gujarat, India, Soni was always incredibly passionate about the environment and the protection of its wildlife. Having completed a Masters' dissertation in 2015 focused on the 'Status and Distribution of Indian Sarus Crane' which earned him a master’s degree from Gujarat University, Soni has continuously strived to protect our resources. As part of Aves, Soni takes charge in coffee sourcing, roasting, and wholesale outreach while striving to ensure environmental progress is made. His impeccable brand design skills combined with his wealth of knowledge in coffee production have enabled Aves to produce one of the best coffees on the market.

Isha is a learning and development manager who started her entrepreneurial journey with life partner Soni, it began with their mutual interest in protecting the environment and love for nature. Isha has background in Biomedical engineering and later pursued master’s in training and development. Born in Mumbai, she has been a passionate trekker and is a strong believer in the power of learning through nature. Her obsession with coffee and deep compassion for birds has spurred Aves Coffee Co. She manages the website, markets the Aves brand, and brings amazing ideas to the table with her incredible vision and creative approach to her work. Her attention to detail, especially when it comes to precision, and a strong belief in values and goals is a key factor in the success of Aves Coffee Co. Isha is also an expert Barista and enjoys making specialty lattes and beautiful latte art.

Together, Soni and Isha have combined their talents to bring their vision of an ethical and sustainable coffee business to life. Aves Coffee Co. seeks to showcase their passion for coffee, conservation, and community. The goal of Aves Coffee Co is to provide a conscious approach to coffee roasting, environmentally conscious sourcing, and exploring the beautiful work of birds and coffee. Through their dedication and commitment, they are proud to serve up delicious and ethically-sourced coffee beans to patrons.

Their passionate work culture and unique approach to sustainability makes them a stand-out couple in the coffee industry. We welcome you to join them in their mission to provide ethically sourced, fair-trade and bird-friendly yet delicious coffee.
People who made it possible

Doran impassioned about sustainability, Doran is the current Director of Energy and Environmental Sustainability for the University of the Fraser Valley. He is pursuing Doctoral research entitled “Ontologies of Nature and Energy Resources in Northern British Columbia” at the University of Guelph in 2017. 

Elliot devoted to community care, Elliot obtained their Undergraduate Degree from McGill University, where their undergraduate thesis “On Moving To, From, and In-Between: Queer Geographic Imaginaries and Realities” examined themes of queer and trans spatiality. He has graduated from Durham College in Horticulture and pursuing his carrier ahead. He was the favourite barista and crafted various speciality syrups.

Byron born and raised in the Durham region, Byron harbours passions for his communities, for theatre arts, and for the outdoors, specifically enjoying long walks on the beach and camping. An environmentalist and artist, he had joined Aves Coffee Co. as a barista, where he enjoyed discussing pressing environmental politics and issues.

Why did we start?

Aves Coffee Co. emerged as the necessary entangling of environmental consciousness with quality coffee. We are driven by passions for community care, environmental preservation, and premium coffee; and are guided by a desire to make the world a better place, one cup of coffee at a time.

How did we start?

Aves Coffee Co. began in the winter of 2020 as an innovative solution to the lack of bird-friendly, environmentally sustainable, and worker-conscious coffee in the Durham region. Drawing from their respective academic and professional backgrounds, they carefully considered the ethical and environmental elements of coffee roasting, of business ownership, and of non-profit creation. This led them to form intentional partnerships with bird-friendly and worker-allied farmers and to establish their own ideals surrounding the implementation of jobs and opportunities in the community of Oshawa. In doing so, they established the basis for delicious and ethical coffee now expertly roasted and served at Aves Coffee Co. After sourcing equipment and furniture from second-hand stores, Facebook Marketplace, and Kijiji, and after honing their craft as coffee roasters, they officially opened the Aves Coffee Co. doors in December 2021. 

Future Goals?

In the future, we hope to establish a registered non-profit to specifically address environmental considerations within the Durham region. Further, we aspire to engender the availability of bird-friendly coffee in larger retailers, thus changing consumer habits in favour of more environmentally-conscious choices. We hope to collaborate with local businesses and design products aligned with our values and to host events that bolster Oshawa’s downtown core. Lastly, we hope to offer more well-paying, safe, and inclusive jobs to the residents of Oshawa.